Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher, or extinguisher, is a full of life hearth protection device accustomed extinguish or management fires, typically in emergency things. it’s not meant to be used on an out-of-control hearth. a fireplace extinguisher consists of a hand-held cylindrical pressure vessel containing an agent, which may be discharged to extinguish a fireplace. A fireplace extinguisher is needed being repaired and inspected by a fireplace Protection service company a minimum of annually. The servicer places a hang on the extinguisher to point the kind of service performed (annual inspection, recharge, new hearth extinguisher).

Fire Alarm System

At Al – Amin Trade Syndicate we design Fire Alarm Systems that are compliant with international codes and Civil Defence project specifications and can be used at all kinds of premises and facilities. Fire Alarm being the primary defense in the event of fire, our design gives utmost priority to not just complying with the design specification, but making appropriate selection of devices and controls to ensure early detection of fire. We represent some of the top, International Brands and can offer both Conventional and Addressable type of Fire Alarm systems.

Sprinkler System

Sprinklers and Deluge systems are automatic water suppression systems and required at most of the premises and facilities. We offer a host of solutions and their variations based on the Hazard classification such as Sprinkler system, Pre-action system, Deluge systems, Water Spray System, Foam Systems etc. 3 decades of experience has rendered us one of the strongest in the market for these systems.

Fire Suppression Systems

SR-200 Fire Suppression System

HFC 227ea/CO2 Extinguishing System Components


A fireplace hydrant is an energetic fire protection live, and a supply of water provided in most urban, residential district and rural areas with municipal water service to modify firefighters to faucet into the municipal water system to help in conclusion a fireplace. Buildings close to a hydrant could qualify for AN insurance discount since fireplace fighters ought to be ready to earlierextinguish a fireplace on the insured property.


A fireplace door may be a door with {a fireplace|a fireplace|a hearth}-resistance rating (sometimes mentioned as a fire protection rating for closures) used as a part of a passive fire protection system to scale back the unfold of fireside or smoke between compartments and to alter safe egress from a building or structure


Fire safety refers to precautions that are taken to forestall or scale back the chance of a fireplace which will end in death, injury, or property injury, alert those during a exceedingly in a very structure to the presence of an uncontrolled hearth within thee vent one happens, higher modify those threatened by hearth to survive in and evacuate from affected areas, or to scale back the injury caused by a fireplace. hearth safety measures embody those who are planned throughout the development of a building or enforced in structures that are already standing, and people that are instructed to occupants of the building.


Al-Amin Trade Syndicate (ATS) leads the fire-fighting market in Bangladesh with our selection of fire pumps and controllers. Our products have been certified to the highest international standards and will provide optimal protection. We even customize our collection of fire pumps and controllers to suit your building.